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What is Diminished Value?

Very simply, diminished value (also known as diminution in value) is the difference in value between a vehicle with an accident history and the same vehicle without an accident history. Diminished value assumes that even after the vehicle has been properly repaired, it will never be restored to its pre accident value because of the stigma that the vehicle is “damaged goods”. Would you pay the same for a vehicle that had been in an accident as you would an identical vehicle that had no prior accident history? Of course not…and neither will anybody else - READ MORE

Why choose Advocate Auto Consultants?

We are the Nations #1 Diminished Value Experts, successfully handling thousands of Diminished Value Claims each and every year. Our team takes a multidisciplinary approach towards pursuing diminished value so the likelihood of a significant recovery is improved. We bring a host of resources to bear in our collection efforts, including strong legal and technical resources. More importantly, we utilize our own financial resources when pursuing diminished value so there is absolutely no out of pocket expense to you. - READ MORE

Do You Qualify for a Claim?

Is your vehicle’s DV claim worth pursuing? Let’s find out. Just answer these three questions: READ MORE